Полка том покер

Увы, в этом олл-не у него был только один аут: Полк показал. Уходит в ситаут. Первая раздача после возвращения. Я думаю, олл-ин он поставил для вэлью. Преимущество Полка постепенно приближается к миллиону.

Даг Полк выиграл челлендж против Даниэля Негреану — Новости пользователей — Покер —

Снова уходит в ситаут. В раздаче, где я не выкинулситуация, конечно, противная, но я не могу позволить себе бет-фолдить все полки том покер. Мискликбет с 97o Да нет, вроде бы, просто заколлировал Негреану ставит 3-бет и контбет на флопе.

По его словам, они может и были хорошими полками том покер, но в хедз-апах их игра была ужасной, что только на руку сыграло американцу. PokerGo — это сервис покерного видео по подписке, который транслирует покерные шоу собственного производства, обычно это дорогие турниры или кэш с участием хайроллеров. Не говоря уже о том, что я начал сессию с того, что поймал сет в 4-бет-банке — и имел всего один аут.

Матч Негреану против Полка можно будет смотреть бесплатно, он начнётся 5 ноября — «Покер в Москве»

Даг вскрывает и видит хорошие новости. Партнёром покериста стал его друг и коллега Райан Фи. Насчёт Джейсона Мерсье, кстати, я говорил, что не считаю его плохим полком том покер. Но, похоже, что сыграть против своего давнего полка том покер — лекарство от его беспокойства.

Надеждам Негреану на флопе, однако, не суждено было сбыться: тёрнривер. В одной раздаче даже не заметил, что Негреану мискликом открылся рэйзом 15 бб вместо 2. Он просто говорит то, что у него на уме и не боится, что кому-то это может не понравиться.

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  1. Im with the man who folded KK cuz I lost with KK against A4 [23K59], Imagine that man who call the raise with A4 os!

  2. A ข้าวหลามมมมม ไม่ใช่ หัวใจ 555

  3. At 23:32 did one of the announcers seriously say “Both players think they have the best hand.”? You’d think the announcer would easily know that one player thinks they have the best hand w/jack high flush while the other player KNOWS beyond doubt he’s got the best hand with the absolute nuts straight flush!

  4. 5:50 — Andrew Feldman would have had a flush if he didnt fold. The pot went all the way up to 414 thousand 🤪

    1. Yeah why would he fold that? Ik they were betting high but personally I never give up flush draw

  5. Harmans a damn brave woman! two transplants not just one for a genetic condition she shares with her sister and which also took her Mum from her! Shes a damn inspiration!

  6. 2:42
    Why 9,10 heart will win 0%
    If the river is any card heart he will win ?

  7. “He just blew through 10k in 90 seconds. Those are some Paris Hilton numbers” lmao that was hilarious. Dude did get quite unlucky though lol.

  8. Почему в первом сюжете у игрока с 9,10 ❤️ ноль шансов?? Разве флеш не сильнее стрита? По итогу он бы и выиграл..

  9. Set vs Straight vs Flush what are the chances of that occurring on any random hand?

  10. That’s not his choice to put ads there stupid asses… it got copyrighted and ads were added by claimers to earn them money…
    Also you can see that between 1st and 2nd clip there’s like 2sec part of diff video, also copyrighted so he had to remove it through yt editor.

  11. I dont know anything about poker but how are they allowed to where headphones? Surely thats a really easy way of cheating by just listening to the broadcast. Unless of course this is never shown live. But still. Im sure someone could come up with a way of cheating using headphones.

  12. ✝️🙏✝️EVERYONE READ✝️🙏✝️.SHARE this if u could — everyone god Jesus have to love them both not just 1! don’t take the mark of beast! When it comes

    1. There was no flush draw, look at the board. The ace is actually diamonds

  13. Lame commentary, guys like the sound of their own voices too much 👎👎

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  16. 毒王多次用这种玩票一样的牌干死对手,真是杀人诛心呀。

  17. Zeidman is a pos for saying if I lose this hand… Then has people clap.

  18. He announced he folded kings during the had so if the two players left had the other two they are influenced by someone announcing their hand mid way through a hand.

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  20. Lame commentary, guys like the sound of their own voices too much 👎👎

  21. At 11:16 it was amazing pre flop with pocket queens, kings & aces! I would love to have seen the jack/ten to have been in the hand as well, just to have the ace/king/queen flop, obviously giving him a straight & the other three each a set!! That alone would’ve been an amazing hand to watch! Now take “amazing” & triple by having the straight hold up to three different sets! Just imagine how much of an unbelievably monster pot that hand would’ve been??

  22. please correct me if Im wrong but at 3:15 it says Feldman has a 0% chance but if the next card was a heart wouldnt he have won?

    1. Just watched it fully and i think it was a graphical error, the ace was actually a diamond

  23. 10 MOST AMAZING POKER HANDS EVER? — This is the shit that happened to me routinely on PartyPoker

  24. the comment from the commentator about Masa about him being Japanese and susho is annoying and subtlety racist.

  25. Kallakis got exactly what he deserved in the quad 3s hand. Youve got to push on that turn. You absolutely can not give your opponents 2 streets to draw out on you

  26. Why did he have 0% chance sat on 2 hearts then king of hearts dropped hed have won that hand

  27. Is anybody surprised that two Asians called and later raised when they had a pair of 8s?????

  28. If Phil Hellmuth was playing that last hand in Jennifers position, Las Vegas would have become a crater by now.

  29. 运气与实力并存,缺一不可!

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  31. Dude wtf?! This is way not the best of all times. No videos of the best players, first game on video sucked, showed ace of hearts and was of diamonds.
    Only the last game of the video was a sick round.

  32. As of hearts?????? The tv was showing wrong cards. On the table was AS of diamonds.

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  34. Kagawa huge donk played that hand terribly
    Should have raised on flop with all sorts of draws on that board
    Why the hell would you reraise on the turn after durrrr raised?
    Why would you bet on the river when the flush draw came in? Just 😂😂😂

  35. yong blew it! he had his money in before she turned the card almost — i have not seen anyone that excited since my two year old boy got a baseball cake on his birthday

  36. !st hand they showed Feldman with 0% chance of winning , but he actually had the winner if he hadnt folded with a flush .

    1. I thought that too but it was a mistake. The actual card was the ace of diamonds not hearts.

  37. Feldman would of won that first hand if he would of stayed in the hand.

  38. Someone please explain how did Tom Dwan had 100% chance with that hand ? I mean I couldnt understand which poker hand it formed thats above trips .

  39. 不输大钱才能赢大钱!

  40. Am i missing somthing? How does Feldman have a 0% chance in the first hand after the turn? He has a flush draw

    1. Look at 1:16, it’s actually a diamond ace. The scanner took it wrong

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  42. Dwan played it beautifully. If I had Massa’s hand, I would only lose a minimum, especially when I knew I was going against one of the best players in the world. I wouldn’t never be stupid enough to just smooth called the Flop to let Dwan in, then reraise the Turn when he bet, much less bet the River or even worse call a reraise all-in. One stupid move after another, and that’s the sin of poker.

  43. When did poker become a SPORT that it’s on TV?
    People get a LIFE! 👎👎👎👎👎👎🇨🇦

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  45. Can i ask is listen to music allowed?
    Why is he allowed to do tht in the first video

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