Майнинг в покер

Такое случалось с игроками на PokerStars. Майнинг можно приобрести как единовременно, так и оформить подписку и получать руки ежедневно. Майнинг мгновенно дает доступ ко всей статистике оппонента: фиш перед вами или рег, как часто этот игрок выкидывает на 4-бет, часто ли делает контбеты и т. Зачем нужен майнинг Майнингом занимается любой игрок: раздачи с оппонентами скачиваются на компьютер, покерный трекер импортирует их и отображает статистику по разнообразным выборкам.

Если в клиенте запрещен HUD, собирать раздачи невозможно. Что такое майнинг? Открыто выступить в поддержку сбора и продажи покерной майнинг в покеры покер-румы не могут. Предисловие В современной жизни онлайн покер с каждым годом становится все популярнее. Суть такого сбора истории покерных раздач состоит в следующем. Это позволит вам собирать руки на своих оппонентов и анализировать их, что существенно улучшит вашу игру.

Скачать истории рук можно в течение часа. Чаще всего продавцы майнинга предлагают его в майнинг в покере месячной подписки. Профессиональный майнинг обеспечивает максимальное покрытие рук на майнинг в покере. Нет задержек. Часто возникают ситуации когда сложно принять решение в раздаче, не имея статистики на оппонента.

Акции Купить майнинг PokerStars PokerStars сегодня — самый крупный покерный сайт в интернете, имеет отличный софт, поддерживает практически все виды покера, постоянно совершенствует свой покер-клиент.

105 thoughts on “Майнинг в покер

  1. If Im phil when he calls i show the aces and say there you go fucking asshole

  2. How is this guy a poker pro? AJ cannot call that deep. Your opponent is most likely on AK, AA or AK. If he is bluffing on 10 high, credit to him. You can only make a speculative call if you got AK, or KK, otherwise fold. Even then, its not advisable. AJ is not a stacking off hand — all in — pre flop.
    Ego made him make that loose call. 100K is not chump change. If your at lower stakes, say at $200-500 stack, you can call. 100k with AJ is asking for trouble.

  3. bellande sucks. we get it. hellmuth never does this with anything other than the nuts.

  4. I am no fan of Hellmuth but in this hand Bellande acted like an ass.

  5. I didnt think it was an angle….until Bellande asked Phil Would this be a dick move?
    Clearly trying to get information at that point. Even him delaying seemed like an attempt to get Phil to rush him into a decision.

  6. JRB is sooo bad. He is so lucky that Robl likes him for some reason. I can only imagine how much money this guy has lost over the years. This is perfect example of a huge gambling problem.

  7. I feel like JRB donked out to enforce his brand/table image. There is a reason he gets into all the soft/rec heavy games

  8. oh so I should be 4bet jamming my AA for 250blinds — thanks for the tips Timmy!

  9. Ps. You have the old school karate movie mouth in this clip, where your words are a few seconds behind your lips moving

  10. First time ever watching you, I had to turn it off because of the annoying voice

  11. Purge Timmy!!! 😂😂😂 love for Papi tho of course!! ❤️ ❤️

  12. My brother Timmy definetly got to get crowdfunded in these games for sure

  13. I made it through 2:44 seconds. This was gonna be the first video I’d watched of yours since the acr videos that turned me off your channel.

  14. I have a more important question…WHO IN DA FUK, KEEPS STAKING BELLANDE TO PLAY POKER ?

  15. The look on JRBs face after the loss U could have done a full podcast on! 🙁😂

  16. Worst call ever. Hellmuth is shipping $100k with 10high? Someone stake me and let me play JRB!!!

  17. Nobody is going to risk 100k to win 10k pot pre…and even of Bellande thinks hes got the best hand, it doesnt matter if hes up against 7 deuce, its still a flip. He doesnt have a pair, and why would you risk 10x whats in the pot to win…10x less than you risk?

  18. I had to stop watching due to the commentary/voice. It’s ashamed to ruin an otherwise good post.

  19. wtf dude ….. this guy is playing in a high stakes game tank calling with aj and im a bum ….. nice lollllllllllll

  20. WTF are all these toads hating on my man Timmy?? Timmy is boss, thats a boss shirt

  21. That Timmy guy sounds like a real cool guy, I wish we see more of him

  22. I feel terrible for Phil. The whole table had a party together for way too long.

  23. Id call the clock if someone was fucking around for that long while my money was in the middle. Fuck it.

  24. I paused at 10:00 right now and i hope JRB calls and feels stupid, he really is a fool

  25. Live poker talk!?!? NLHE as well!?!?

    In the streets trying to help the up and comers here with a little gem he figured out over MILLIONS of hands of both NLHE and the the the the the the the GREAT GAME!

    Is joeingram1 fired up about POKER again?
    He just might be.

    Apparently Timmy and Joey both like jack daniels . Shout out to the KQ95!!!
    People will like this shit.

  26. JRB can get away with this type of crap because hes the type of player that will call off 500 BBs with AJ off for $250K. This is why he gets big money players at his game and doesnt allow most top players to show up. Only this lineup could make Phil Hellmuth look like the dominant cash game crusher he sees himself as.

  27. How the hell did you think this was a good idea? Timmy is fine as a niche character for 30 seconds during podcast and even then gets cringy.

  28. Cant even watch this video. That high pitch voice wasn’t funny. It was just hyper annoying

  29. I watched the video, like the channel but please dont do the Timmy bit again. were not children. keep the comedy bits smaller. thanks keep it up.

  30. How can player say call multiple times then still be able 2 think about the hand? A call is a call at my local casino

  31. At first, I thought Timmy, wtf?…
    … but honestly at some point I couldnt stop laughing!
    More Timmy please! 🙂

  32. Watching this that guy he was just dragging it out he should be focusing on the hand, i get with these sort of poker shows there is talking laughing and having fun but man he just kept going hahah

  33. Timmy is what internet haters sound like who can’t help being negative but think they are cool. Good job Joey! Or Timmy! Very entertaining video.

  34. Joey, I like your stuff man but that voice must go. Absolute dogshit.

  35. The biggest takeaway is what a fuckin nit hellmurth is. Wants insurance with aces vs AJ Jesus christ

  36. If you were doing a Latino accent with that voice you would sound just like Jennifer Lopez!! Keeses for my tacos!

  37. Not an angle shoot. Fair speech, its basically a home game. If Helmuth was to give a tell, JRB could know to FOLD AJo , ffs.

    1. joeingram1 I subscribed twice and even told my grandma to subscribe. Please just stop

    2. Would be nice if everyone stopped commenting on your videos since the ppl who engage w you are so stupid and annoying.

  38. Timmy is fucking hilarious, but small doses please.

    Timmys talk is gold, but his voice is unbearable for more than 5 seconds.

  39. Forget about 10 high, theres no chance that Hellmuth piles in 600 bb with
    KK in that spot. Its not the optimal way to play Aces obv, but its the only hand
    that he can possibly show up with here.

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